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The Student Nurses’ Association is a nationwide organization that aims for reaping the Best Nurses by sowing the seeds right from the student period. It was established in Yenepoya College of Nursing in 2002. A wide variety of activities are encouraged at all levels for the SNA members, keeping in view aims and objectives of the Association. The diversity of activities is derived from the professional, social, cultural and recreational spheres to strengthen curricular and extracurricular activities of the student nurses.


The aim of SNA is to improve the personality of students for a holistic development to that they ready to face the challenges of the personal and professional level with commitment.

Program Calender

Date Program
05/09/2023 Teacher’s Day
07/10/2023 Fresher's Day
11/11/2023 Diwali Celebration
16/12/2023 Christmass Celebration
23/01/2024 & 24/01/2024 Cultural Competition
06/04/2024 Eid Celebration
11/05/2024 Nurse's Day


The Student Nurses' Association, popularly known as SNA, is a nation-wide organization of nursing students. It was established in 1929 at the time of annual conference of the TNAI in Madras. Ms. L.N. Jean, the Nursing Superintendent of General Hospital, Madras was instrumental in forming this association. After the establishment of first SNA unit in 1929, the membership grew. Ms. I. Dorabji was appointed as the full time SNA Secretary in 1947. The office was renamed as SNA Advisor in 1969. The first SNA annual Conference was held in Delhi in November 1932. Thereafter its Annual Conferences were held biennially with TNAI till 1960.

SNA Member

Name Designation Committee Role
Dr. Leena KC Dean / Principal President
Mrs. Vineesha P.V Lecturer SNA advisor
Mr. Basith Rahman E M IV BSc Vice President
Ms. Steny Thomas IV BSc Secretary
Ms. Aleena Regi III BSc Joint Secretary
Ms. Shahanaz VN IV BSc Treasurer
Mr. Sidharth Shankar J S III Semester BSc Asst. Treasurer
Ms. Mahima Boby IV BSc Chair Person for Disciplinary committee
Mr. Milan Joseph V Semester BSc Assistant for Disciplinary committee
Ms. Ayisha Nihan V Semester BSc Chair Person for Cultural and library committee
Mr. Edwin Babu III GNM Assistant for Cultural and library committee
Mr. Anshif Muhammed V Semester BSc Chair Person for Sports committee
Ma. Tenzin Myongki III GNM Assistant for Sports committee
Ms. Dhaneshwari II GNM Chair Person for academic committee
MS. Tejaswini III GNM Assistant for academic committee
Ms. Dona Sebastian IV BSc Chair Person for Editorial committee
Mr. Harish Sharma III Semester Assistant for Editorial committee

Bird view of various activities held during academic year:2022-2023.

TEACHER’S DAY PROGRAMME 2023-2024 – Distributing prize to the Lucky teacher


TEACHER’S DAY PROGRAMME 2023-2024 – Game conducted for the faculty


SNA office bearers 2023-24


Guest Talk.


Cultural Competition.




Cultural Competition

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