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Community Health Nursing

Vision :

  •     Promote comprehensive Family-centered nursing care by  adopting holistic care approach.
  •     Prepare Graduates and postgraduates who will build a career in the field of Community Health Nursing
  •     Offer quality training that will  match with the Community Health Nursing standards
  •     Train competent community nurses through excellence in teaching, community extension programs and nursing research.


  •     To produce graduates and postgraduates committed to extend their services to the community
  •     To engage in community beneficial research studies within and across disciplines
  •     To develop health professionals who will have the necessary strength to work in various community setups independently and effectively.
  •     To provide Quality  & Comprehensive education in Community Health Nursing


1. To Provide quality education to the students using a variety of educational methods.

2. To Undertake community development activities to promote health of the community.

3. To Promote faculty capabilities through faculty development programmes.

4. To actively participate in research activities of the department.

5. To provide primary health care for the people in assigned and adopted communities

6. To provide excellent community based training to the UG/PG student nurses

7. To coordinate and conduct research activities with National & international   organizations

8. To design health programs and implement, based on information collected by general & specific surveys.

9.  To render comprehensive, promotive, preventive, curative and rehabilitative services to the community through outreach activities

10. To facilitate participation in National Health programmes

Year of establishment:  2002


Extension No: 2703